Wednesday, 28 May 2014

It's been quite a ride

Well, it really has been quite the ride during the last two years while working full time and completing my Bachelor of Engineering. When you sit down in front of a desk all day at work and then sit in front of a desk at home some more while you do your assignments and write your thesis, you really have to learn to accept that you will not always be able to accomplish everything exceptionally well. You have to learn to prioritise and learn that it sometimes is more important to get a job done and make peace with your decisions when you had to compromise.

But here I am finally, everything done and graded and looking forward to dust off some of the projects which patiently have been staring at me from their shelf.

I never would have thought that I would be able to benefit from having used older GPIB with my home lab equipment for a project at work. I thought that nowadays everything is done with more modern test racks with PXI or similar but it seems that I was mistaken. When projects have a tight budget and the majority of the instruments at your disposal have the legacy GPIB seems foolish not to use that old National Instruments USB-to-GPIB controller from the dumpster and your commercial license of LabVIEW 8.6 to develop and assemble an ATE rack and use it for your production testing. I guess it's a little like those 8-bit micro controllers that certain people claim should be dead and superseded. They're just too good at what they do, they get the job done, they are cheap and they are available. They are not dead just yet.

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