Sunday, 20 November 2011

Resolution Bandwidth Filter #3

Another filter update. I acquired a couple of monolithic crystal filters with the smaller D-151-D multi-pole package that fits the 1 x 1 SLIM modules. Most of the filters were manufactured by NDK with the exception of a single Hy-Q10726.

They are all 8-pole filters but their centre frequency varies. I now have

NDK 10F15DG:
has a centre frequency 10.7 MHz and a 6 dB bandwidth of 15 kHz

NDK 11F30D:
has a centre frequency of 11.5 MHz and a 6 dB bandwidth of 30 kHz

NDK 11A1.0C:
has a centre frequency of 11.4 MHz and a ? dB bandwidth of 1 kHz

Hy-Q 10726:
has a centre frequency of 10.7 MHz and a 3 dB bandwidth of 7.5 kHz

This is the NDK 11F30D. I managed to tune it and save a two port touchstone file but the data is still in the memory of the network analyser in the uni. It took me two diskettes to figure out that the floppy drive is broken. I'll have to repair it at some point.

Took a shot with my iPod, best I can do at the moment. I'm not too happy with the ripple.

Update: I recorded the 2-port touchstone data for this filter with 1600 points. You can download it as a zip file from my Google docs:

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