Sunday, 20 November 2011

The thing needs a box!

I've been searching for a nice enclosure and it's really hard to find something nice. I was thinking of some kind of CNC-milled aluminium frame but since I still relocate modules every now so often I will postpone that decision until I actually finish all the modules.

For now, I will use a simple box made of FR4 and mount the modules on a PCB frame.

 The box is made of FR4. I took two 200x300 mm single-sided sheets and cut them into half. The width of the box on the inside is exactly the width of a DIN A4 sheet.

The bottom of the box is double sided FR4.

The sides are simply soldered together. I will use this to shield the finished device.

 Not pretty but extremely practical and cheap.

This is the FR4 frame on which I will mount the individual modules. Its dimensions are exactly the same as the bottom of the box.

I've been peeking to the left and right at what other people are doing. All of my SLIM modules have a 0.08" copper strip perimeter fence on the outside of the PCB that connects top and bottom ground. The milled holes in my base plate are exactly the size of a SLIM, i.e. 1.2" x 1.2" etc. That way I can place the shielded SLIMs on top of the base plate and tack them in place.

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