Sunday, 20 November 2011

Resolution Bandwidth Filter #4

The fourth RBW filter. I'm beginning to like the smaller cans, this one is a Hy-Q10726 which is a 8-pole bandpass with a bandwidth of 7.5 kHz and a centre frequency of 10.7 MHz.

There's really not much to it. The filter can, two connectors, the PCB and matching components.

Long version SMA connectors.

The innards. I think I matched this particular filter with 5.6 ┬ÁH and 33 pF + a 6...40 pF trimmer. Note how the input and output section is shielded with a fence in the middle of the board.

Update: Managed to take a picture. Ripple could be better. I also recorded the 2-port touchstone data for this filter with 1600 points. You can download it as a zip file from my Google docs:

More perimeter fence. Getting good at this :)

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